7 non-mainstream must-sees in Lombok

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Lombok, located in West Nusa Tenggara, where the mass tourism is still unknown, has many beautiful natural spots that would left people in awe. The island East of Bali offers many beautiful and often isolated beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food, and fantastic nature.  In this article we bring you the few non-mainstream must-sees in Lombok that will not stop you from taking endless pictures.

1.Selong Belanak Beach

A wide and shallow beach like Selong Belanak is not something you can find somewhere else. This is the perfect place to surf or swim. We recommend you taking a look at the near viewpoint overlooking the beach and the bay. It’s located a bit north of Selong Belanak Beach.

2. Bukit Merese

Popularly known as ‘bukit cinta’ or love hill by the locals, Bukit Merese is located in the Southern part of Central Lombok. If you are one for an adventure that requires a bit of physical effort, then Bukit Merese is the place to do trekking as it will reward you with such a wonderful review.

bukit-merese – photo by lihat.co.id

3. Desa Wisata Sesaot

The village is located in West Lombok and also known as the creative village. This village is tucked in the center of protected forest of Sesaot, where you will be spoiled with endless rows of big green trees and clear blue river.

4. Bukit Sembalun

Sembalun is a small village located at the downhill of Mount Rinjani. If you are not ready to hike your way up to the top of the mountain, then visiting Bukit Sembalun might be the best idea. Originally this is the rest area for hikers of Mount Rinjani, but lately many tourists visit the hill to immerse in the fantastic view of the valley and green hills that surround this area.

Bukit Sembalun – Photo by @aharisafandi

5. Malaka Beach

In the Northern part of Lombok, you will find this white and soft sand beach surrounded by green hills and laced with rows of coconut trees. Not many people know about this beach so this one fell into the isolated beach category. You will want to spend the whole day lazing by the beach with a book and cold beer when you’re here.

6. Sade Village

Sade Village is the cultural village of Lombok where it was designed to showcasing the local tradition to tourists. Arriving in Sade Village you will be greeted by villagers looping a colorfully weaved scarf around your neck. The frenetic beat of the gendang beleq drums soon followed and the traditional welcome dance of Sasak tribe. They also sell handcrafted souvenirs and Ikat made by the local women.

7. Local Food of Lombok

Lombok has many choices of traditional cuisines, from grilled chicken known as Ayam Taliwang at RM Irama, the Sasak’s version of mixed rice at Inak Esun, and Sate Belayak, array of meat skewers served with special rice cake. Beware though, all the Lombok cuisines are famous for being hot spicy.

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