5 Movies to Inspire your Next Travel Plan

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We are all a traveler. There is always a way to travel and a lust for it, and if you don’t have one, we are pretty sure that watching some movies will always do the job. Here we give you five movie recommendations that will trigger you wanderlust and inspired your next trip.

1. Lost in Translation

Besides being an all-around incredible movie, this movie takes you into the heart of chaotic Tokyo, Japan. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson play two characters adrift in their hotel, until they cut loose and explore Tokyo. They are suffering from a self-imposed confinement, and that bonds them together. Together, they escape into Tokyo with its nonstop energy. The sights, sounds, and energy overwhelm you and will have you dreaming about Tokyo.

2. The Nekad Traveler

This Indonesian movie is based on the best-selling memoir The Naked Traveler. The movie sees into a life of big city career woman, Trinity. She travels to many parts of the world, but the beauty of Indonesia becomes the pivotal role of her journey. Watching this movie will you a glimpse of the fantastic remote areas in Indonesia and makes you want to travel across this country.

3. Vicky Christina Barcelona

The director, Woody Allen, always put one country as the major role of his movie, along with the actresses and actors. Vicky and Christina are two American students who travel to Barcelona, there they meet an interesting guy who is attracted to both of them while still enamored of his mentally and emotionally unstable ex-wife María Elena. You will fall in love with the beauty of Spain, especially Barcelona, and it’s people when you are watching this.

4. Eat, Pray, Love

Played by Julia Roberts and adapted from a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert, this movie is about the spiritual journey of one woman to find peace and true love. This movie will take you to Italy, India and Bali, to see the beauty of those places, the interesting people and the good food. A quick trivia, this movie puts Bali and Ubud to be the most famous place to travel.

Julia Roberts as “Elizabeth Gilbert” and Hadi Subiyanto as “Ketut Liyer” in Columbia Pictures’ EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

5. Lights from the East : I Am Maluku

The movie follows Sani, a Muslim driver trying to cope with the two-year-long conflict between Muslims and Christians in Ambon. The beauty of Eastern part of Indonesia will amazed you, along with the conflict among the people. It’s different from any other Indonesian movie because it offers a drama wrapped in the amazing cinematography.

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