5 Interesting Facts About Lombok

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By this time, you already know how beautiful Lombok is. This neighbouring island of Bali is perfect for those who always in love with the nature and crave adventure. From hills to beaches, Lombok got you covered!

Now we want you to know some of the interesting facts about Lombok Island. From the meaning behind Lombok to the indigenous tribe of the island and one of the most exotic foods in the world that you can only find in Lombok. Prepare to get your mind blown off!

1. Lombok means chilli

When loosely translated, Lombok means chilli, the red little morsel that will burn your tongue hot but loved by many. And yes, chilli is the number one ingredient in most of Lombok specialty dishes, like plecing and ayam Taliwang.

2. Lombok has the perfect beach ever!

Lombok is a perfect destination for beach lovers, as the island offers many kind of beaches, each with their own character and uniqueness, no beach is the same. From the soft sand beach, to the one with corals and even a pink sand beach!

3. Sasak Tribe, the most indigenous in Lombok

Sasak tribe, now live in Sade Village, a cultural village of Lombok where it was designed to showcasing the local tradition to tourists. One unique thing you can find there is the marriage procession that started by the man ‘kidnapping’ the woman, but this ‘kidnapping’ process is actually bringing the woman to the man’s house, without informing the woman’s family, in the night time.



4. Mount Rinjani, 2nd highest mountain in Indonesia

Lombok is the home for the second highest volcano in Indonesia, which is Mount Rinjani. It rises to 3,726 metres (12,224 ft). Take a hike or even a trek up to the top of the mountain and witness the beauty of it by yourself.

5. Unique Festival is here

A unique delicacy of Lombok is very unique, it’s roasted sea worms! The Bau Nyale Festival, an age-old festival of Sasak People, is a two-day event that celebrates the annual appearance of Nyale sea worms. ‘Bau’ in the Lombok language mean ‘to catch’ and ‘Nyale’ is a type of sea worms that surfaces only once a year. People will go hunting for the sea worms then cooking them in banana leaves wrap and roasted over hot charcoal. Dare to try them?

Image source : asianinspirations.com.au

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